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    Immigration Evaluation

    What is an Immigration Evaluation?

    An Immigration Evaluation is a type of mental health/psychological assessment provided when one faces deportation. This type of assessment is used to demonstrate the psychological and emotional hardship one would face if they were deported.

    An Immigration Evaluation is any type of mental health evaluation assessment that is used in an immigration case. There are many kinds, but the most common cases that I assess fall into these two categories:

    Extreme hardship waiver & cancellation of removal

    Hardship evaluations are for the US or LPR (lawful permanent resident) to determine how they would be affected if their immigrant family member was not permitted to remain in the US.

    Asylum, VAWA, U & T visas

    These evaluations are all based on a traumatic experience and how the immigrant has been affected.

    Many of these immigrants have the legal right to stay and have an opportunity to make their case. Immigration Evaluations often can support and increase the client’s ability to prove their case with success.

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